Pool and aggregate storage capacity 跨多种存储系统 and improve storage efficiency

One of the main challenges faced by storage administrators is inefficient storage allocation and capacity usage. 在你知道之前, your primary storage gear fills up quickly requiring you to add more hardware, while adjacent storage equipment goes largely unused or under-utilized.

  • 当置之不理, this ends up creating storage silos with unused capacity on some equipment, 当其他人耗尽磁盘空间时.
  • 当设备间容量不平衡时, there could be excessive stress on a few devices causing performance bottlenecks, 盘的机械磨损, 扩容和维护的预算超支.

Address these challenges and reclaim every bit of stranded capacity by using 宝博游戏大厅官方下载-Defined Storage (SDS).




宝博游戏app下载的宝博游戏app下载 虚拟化存储层 将数据服务从底层硬件中抽象出来. Then, capacity across disparate storage equipment (different suppliers, models, etc.)被虚拟地聚合和池化. This enables the carving out of logical units of storage capacity from the pool and assigning to application servers.

宝博游戏app下载使 存储管理 more efficient with centralized visibility across all available capacity and shared resource allocation between different storage systems. Because storage from disparate hardware is managed as storage pools, 宝博游戏app下载 enables workloads to easily move between them to balance capacity usage. 此外,用户获得完整 硬件的灵活性 and can customize the storage pool with the equipment of your choice based on performance, cost, scalability, 数据保护, 和其他因素. Easily offload data from existing gear to lower-cost hardware and free up space on primary storage.




  • Vacant space on storage silos is made available for optimal utilization
  • Resource provisioning is managed centrally at the storage pool level, 哪个使负载平衡更容易
  • Gain the flexibility to expand the capacity of the storage pool with lower-cost hardware instead of more expensive alternatives
  • Storage expansion expenses can be deferred until all available resources in the current infrastructure are fully utilized
  • Prolong the value and usage of existing hardware during times of procurement and supply chain delay
  • 可以很容易地提高存储利用率 精简配置 存储池的容量
  • 支持添加任意存储硬件, 退役, and changed non-disruptively and data can be migrated transparently between devices without affecting application access
  • 新技术(flash、NVMe、Intel Optane等.) can be easily integrated into the storage infrastructure without impacting or disrupting the business

With DataCore, we have improved storage utilization since we are able to over-provision storage by about 60%, meaning we are more efficient in our ability to meet the growth and cost demands for more capacity.

Douglas Null,技术支持主管 汉诺威医院




  • Create storage pools and aggregate storage capacity across heterogeneous storage devices
  • Balance load, capacity, and throughput for maximum storage efficiency and performance
  • 自动层数据 to the appropriate storage class based on data access frequency (hot/warm/cold)
  • 通过以下方法优化产能利用率 彻底删除,压缩 volumes
  • Simplify and 自动化数据存储管理 with a single software-defined storage solution instead of using multiple tools from different hardware suppliers
  • Expand capacity or integrate new technologies into the storage infrastructure while maintaining operational continuity
  • 减少停机时间,提高数据可用性
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  • 创建一个跨多个站点/位置的全局文件系统
  • Pool storage capacity across multiple NFS NAS devices and file servers
  • Distribute capacity and loads across file shares in the same site
  • Offload, deduplicate, and compress inactive data from expensive NAS devices to lower-cost object storage (on-premises or cloud) and optimize capacity usage and storage expenses
  • Leverage AI/ML-driven policies to control where files are placed based on bespoke criteria (performance, availability, cost, compliance, etc.)
  • 合并跨不同文件共享的名称空间以形成一个 全局名称空间 这简化了文件搜索、共享和协作
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