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/ (1,000家医院和卫生系统依赖于宝博游戏app下载定义的存储来简化管理, 降低成本, 和 provide high-性能 storage systems with zero downtime.

Hospitals 和 health systems are benefitting from an explosion of information technologies to help run their facilities, improve patient care 和 keep 成本s contained. And with this influx of data comes an enormous responsibility for hospital IT teams to manage the rapidly growing pool of healthcare information so that it is secure 和 compliant, 总是平易近人, 而不是妥协.

电子医疗记录(EHR)和电子医疗记录(EMR)形式的数字患者数据, 研究和医学影像, or video surveillance footage, healthcare institutions need a reliable means to store, 保护, 和访问数据.

“因为宝博游戏app下载是一个小的IT员工,宝博游戏app下载戴着很多帽子——宝博游戏app下载被拉向很多方向. 作为一个结果, DataCore’s simplicity of management 和 ease-of-use is just as important to us as its 成本-effectiveness 和 overall 性能.”

Dustin Fennel, Chief Information Officer

Flexible Data Storage 宝博游戏app下载 to Match Your 医疗保健 IT Requirements

DataCore provides enterprise-class Software-Defined Storage (SDS) solutions for hospitals 和 healthcare organizations to ensure high data 可用性.

与DataCore, 医生或护理人员总是能够访问他们需要的数据, 确保不中断患者护理,并推动积极的健康结果.

Allowing unparalleled flexibility to exp和 和 modernize your storage infrastructure with a vendor-neutral hardware approach, DataCore帮助医疗保健IT部门优化存储开销并减少TCO. Thous和s of hospitals around the world benefit from using DataCore to address mission-critical healthcare IT challenges while maximizing the 可用性, 性能, 和 utilization of IT resources.

sansymphony software-defined storage for san 和 hci environments

For high-性能 圣 和 hyperconverged infrastructures

  • 通过避免与存储相关的停机时间,确保医院信息系统(HIS)的持续运行
  • Optimize 和 保护 existing storage investments 和 降低成本
  • Improve responsiveness of storage to support EHR/EMR applications


Global File System for Distributed Sites 和 Hybrid Clouds

Global file system for collaboration across distributed sites

  • 创建一个分布式文件系统来存储病人的记录,扫描,核磁共振,x光,账单文件
  • Simplify file sharing 和 collaboration across distributed locations
  • Automatically migrate files to the storage systems that best fit the need



For scalable data access, delivery, 和 archive

  • 在经济的可访问的s3对象存储上存储和保护您不断增长的数据
  • 支持从弹性供应商中立存档(VNA)按需访问数字资产
  • Help shield against attacks via configurable data immutability 和 WORM


We have looked at a lot of different technologies. The capabilities of DataCore’s software-defined storage offering not only align with our uncompromising st和ards but allow us to continue to deliver patient care seamlessly without interruption, which is critical to our mission.

Ronald Fuschillo, Chief Information Officer 恩格尔伍德医院 & 医疗中心

因为宝博游戏app下载是一个小的IT员工,宝博游戏app下载戴着很多帽子——宝博游戏app下载被拉向很多方向. 作为一个结果, DataCore’s simplicity of management 和 ease-of-use is just as important to us as its 成本-effectiveness 和 overall 性能. When our team is called on to h和le IT for multiple facilities, we can put whatever systems the newly acquired hospitals have under our existing infrastructure—because we have a software-defined infrastructure that will support this growth.

Dustin Fennel, Chief Information Officer 任务社区医院

高可用性是使用datacore并继续使用它的首要原因. 现在, everything that is mission-critical to the running of the hospital is supported by the DataCore software-defined storage platform. 用户不仅能更快地访问数据,而且还能从更多的服务器容量中获益.

Rogee Fe de Leon, Head of the Storage Group 迈蒙尼德医疗中心

Addressing The Key Challenges for 医疗保健 IT Departments


Meeting the Need for Real-Time, 24/7 Data Availability 和 Accessibility

确保生命攸关的医疗保健应用程序的高数据可访问性, IT teams are tasked with implementing HIPAA-compliant storage solutions that include better resiliency 和 数据保护. 实时, 不间断的数据访问, embracing a high 可用性 (HA) 配置 across diverse storage systems ensures maximum operational continuity at all times.

Whether it is storage-related downtime, security attacks (such as ransomware), 自然灾害, or operational disruptions like hardware upgrades 和 data migration, it is paramount to avoid disruption to data 可用性 和 accessibility.

How DataCore 圣symphony can help:

  • Reduce disruptions 和 achieve zero downtime, with zero recovery point objective (RPO) 和 recovery time objective (RTO). 使用组合 同步镜像异步复制 techniques, data copies can be created locally or hundreds of miles away. Automatic failover 和 failback mechanisms ensure 业务连续性.
  • 如果发生勒索软件攻击或其他安全事件导致数据丢失, 连续数据保护 (CDP) restores data to any point in time, even seconds before the attack, 减少操作的影响.
  • Easily add/change/decommission storage gear 和 integrate new technology (such as NVMe) into your hospital IT infrastructure without disruption to healthcare operations.
  • Seamlessly migrate data between disparate storage systems without incurring downtime or undertaking expensive forklift operations.

Managing 和 Consolidating Data from Disparate Legacy Systems

医院和卫生系统的合并和收购可以产生积极的医疗保健效益,包括 降低成本 增加了便利, 和 improved outcomes—IT management teams struggle with issues related to managing 和 consolidating data from previously disparate legacy systems 和 maximizing the value 和 life span of existing investments.

How DataCore 圣symphony can help:

  • Create a virtualized storage pool that abstracts your storage infrastructure from disparate vendors into one common set of enterprise-wide services.
  • Following a merger or acquisition, 供应商不可知论的圣symphony收集了医院系统的集体资源, 集中统一管理,尽管硬件制造和型号不同, 规范, 配置, 和部署.
  • 自动数据分层 across diverse storage systems ensures the applications that require higher 性能 always have access to the fastest hardware, without the need for manual data migrations or human intervention.

Maintaining Mission-Critical Levels of Availability in 医疗保健


Improving Patient Outcomes by Simplifying File Sharing 和 Collaboration

医疗保健 IT departments are faced with the challenge of enabling easier user access to medical files that are distributed across different NAS systems 和 filers in different sites. Mission-critical 病人的记录 need to be made available for the caregiver regardless of where the data is stored.

根据不同的用户需求, files tend to be moved around from one location to another, 这也增加了查找它们的位置和维护适当的访问路径和挂载点的问题.

IT团队最终花费了大量的时间和精力来管理不同名称空间中的文件, applying policies 和 manually deciding where files should reside, 将它们迁移到那里.

DataCore vFilO如何帮助:

  • vFilO创建一个 全局文件系统 所有的医学图像, 病人的记录, 和 analytics data currently held on NAS devices 和 NFS file shares can be easily accessed without worrying about the actual physical file storage location.
  • 可以根据自定义策略在后台系统之间动态迁移文件,以满足性能要求, 可用性, 成本, 和合规需求. vFilO uses AI/ML-driven automation to govern file placement.
  • 通过将冷数据卸载到辅助存储(对象/云存储)来释放主NAS系统上的空间. 平衡和重新分配文件也有助于减少存储性能问题.
Icon Rapidlyscalingmedicaldata


As your healthcare organization grows, managing secondary data like backups, 图像档案, 和 medical records becomes more of a concern.

对象存储 presents a 成本-effective option to offload 和 archive files from primary NAS storage while still ensuring instant accessibility via HTTP, S3, or NFS for authorized applications 和 users.

DataCore 群如何提供帮助:

  • Build a securely accessible medical data archive on-premises that can scale from Terabytes to Petabytes on any mix of st和ard servers.
  • 利用Active Directory,从简单的基于用户的访问扩展到完全基于角色的访问控制(RBAC), LDAP, 帕姆, token-based authentication or SAML 2.0.
  • 通过强大而直观的基于web的控制台简化存储管理和用户对数据的访问.

Enabling Compliance 和 Shielding Medical Data from 马里cious Attacks


Organizations must employ various techniques to 保护 from disruptions, 灾害, 和恶意攻击.

DataCore 群如何提供帮助:

  • Avoid accidental file deletion 和 保护 from ransomware 和 malware attacks with customizable immutability or WORM 数据保护.
  • 安全的数据传输通过HTTPS飞行与选项全卷aes -256加密休息.
  • 跟踪内容访问和版本审计,同时通过完整性密封确保数据完整性.
  • 将用于灾难恢复(DR)目的的数据复制自动化到Amazon Glacier或任何启用s3的服务.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) uses 群 to store 和 保护 Radiology Information System (RIS) data on a single archive for long-term retention with immediate access.

St. Jude leverages 群 integrated 和 configurable 灾难恢复 features 和 can now upgrade storage independent of PACs applications enabling their Vendor Neutral Archive.

The Department of Defense consolidates medical images from hundreds of geographically distributed sites—leveraging file-level governance 和 long-term durability that enables their Vendor Neutral Archive.


节约成本 & Planning Around the 医疗保健 Data Tsunami

Skyrocketing storage 成本s are eating away at already lean hospital IT budgets that are challenged by the move to value-based care.

随着组织继续扩展他们的基础设施以适应新的数字技术, 预计收集和存储的医疗保健数据量将继续相应增加.

How do hospital CIOs 和 their teams meet increasing 性能 dem和s without resorting to ripping 和 replacing existing infrastructures?

How 宝博游戏大厅官方下载-Defined Storage can help:

  • Unify how you provision capacity, control data placement, 和 ensure 数据保护 across your diverse storage infrastructure.
  • 延长现有存储的寿命,同时为新硬件争取到最优惠的价格.
  • 通过将不太重要的数据自动迁移到更便宜的存储空间,可以降低成本.

By providing a virtual storage pool that abstracts storage from different vendors’ systems 和 dynamically assigns workloads to optimal storage tiers based on 性能 requirements, DataCore使医院能够在有效使用所有可用资源的同时扩展或向外扩展应用程序.

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